How to trace a bug? (Checklist for QA)

Anna Sharkova
1 min readOct 14, 2020


Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Sometimes it’s hard to localize a bug, but I prepared a small checklist that you can use in case you got stuck.

  • Did you check product logs? Did you get errors, warnings, tracebacks?
  • Did you check how information is stored in the database? Is it correct or corrupted?
  • Can you reproduce it on an older product version?
  • Check browser console. You can find a treasure there?
  • Check your bug tracker. Probably your colleagues already found this big and the reason for it, but no one ever fixed it.
  • Search on Google! It could be caused by some package/driver incompatibility or dependencies updates.
  • Don’t hesitate! Ask developers, they know products from another side and can direct you.

Write in the comments how do you follow bugs. I would be happy to learn what methods do you use. Happy testing and coding!



Anna Sharkova

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